Inventory System


Perpetual Inventory Control

Maintain Stock Visibility

Flexible Product Management

Confidently Track and Trace

Receiving inventory

Real-time Inventory Visibility

Complete Procure-to-Pay Purchasing

One System for Your Entire Company

Setting Multiple Price

Ideal solution for upsales promotion

Boost conversion by optimized tiered price

Better customer experience

Combine Product

Your average order value will increase.

You will see an increase in your profit margins.

Your customers get to spend less time making decisions.

Harder to compare like for like products with competitors.

Shopping with you appears more valuable.

All Invenotry Features

View Product List
Custom Category
Custom Property
Add Product
Combine Product
Accessory Product
Edit Product
Product Profit Calculation
Product Multi-Price
Product Cost Tracking
Product Cost Calculation
Product Hit rate
Duplicate Product
Product Pre-sale
Order Search by Product
Product Batch Update
Inverse Search by Product Combination
Product Sorting by Total Sales
Sales Comparison of Products
Sales Trend of a Product