Order and Invoice System


Flexible Sales

Complete Sales Cycle

Margin Visibility

Build-in Email Function

Generating New Quotation

Create quotation quickly from anywhere

Turn quotation into orders

Follow-up Reminders

Built-in Email Send feature

Generating New Sales Order

Product Details (Descriptions, SKU, Locations)

Inventory Availability

Delivery due Dates

Marketing Data (Such as pricing and discounts)

Customer and Prospect Details

Financials (Accounts payable, etc.)

Order processing (Hold, Dispatched, Backorder, Completed)

Email Sales Order to Customer

Build-in email function

Automatic email record after success emailed


Easy returns process

Track and trace

Verify returns

Check return reasons

Verify return credits


Easy refunds process

Track and trace

Verify refunds

Refunds record

Transfer to Invoice

Simple and Advanced

Anywhere and Anytime

Safe and Secure

Email Invoice to Customer

Build-in email function

Automatic email record after success emailed

Bulk Payment

Selecte a customer from customer list

Click "Add Payment" button

Enter the amount that you received

Tick all the invoices that have been paid

Save for bulk payment

All Orders & Invoices Features

View Orders
Search Orders
Add Orders by Scaning
Edit Orders
Print Orders
Batch Print
Duplicate Orders
Download Orders
Send E-mail
Order Transfer to Invoice
Order Shipment Tracking
Order Cost Calculation
Order Price Statistics
Order Gross Profit Statistics
Customer Messages
Administrator Messages
Add Customers
Multi-Price by Customers
Special Discounts
Search Invoices
Search Payments
Business Statistics
Abnormality Notifications
Payment Verification
Email Statement
Account Balance