Purchase Order System


Improve Order Accuracy

Better Purchase Management

Save Time and Money

Streamline Your Stock

Generating New Purchase Order

Enter the supplier full or partial name and select from dropdown list

Add product via quick searching

Optional message for supplier

Submit to generate your new purchase order

Manage Supplier

Add Supplier

Edit Supplier

Track purchase orders throught supplier

Purchase Order

Purchase cost history

Estimate to Arrive

Put into storage in batches or whole purchase orders

Email Purchase Order to the Supplier

Using build-in email function

Email template

Optional extra content

All Purchasing Features

PO Status Tracking
Product Location Searching
Product Inventory Tracking
Low Inventory Warning
Import Products in Bulk
Import Products via Scanning
Tracking of Inventory Abnormality
Add Suppliers
Search Suppliers
Supplier Authority Setting
Publish and review Product Upload by Supplier
Communicate with Suppliers through Messages
Add New Purchase Order
Review and Approve Purchase Order
Email Purchase Order
PDF Preview
Check Goods
Stock to Inventory
Account Payable Check