MATRICLE is an All-in-One integrated e-commerce solution to wholesale and retail businesses in New Zealand.


MATRICLE covers supply chain management, e-commerce front-end, inventory management, multi-channel management, customer relationship management, account management, and sales management. It is designed for small to medium-sized wholesale and retail businesses.


MATRICLE is a system that integrates all business functions. It is designed to satisfy all business needs and help you minimise resources and efforts spent across different systems and software.


  • Supply Chain Management: raise purchase orders, follow-up orders, confirm purchase orders, import inventory on a single click, and account management.


  • Website management: data synchronisation throughout all business functions: instant updates upon customer orders, real-time inventory updates on both front-end and back-end.


  • Inventory management: real-time inventory tracking, low inventory notifications, real-time updates on total inventory values.


  • Multi-channel management: across all channels: in person, by phone, by email, and online.


  • Customer management: integrated customer data, multi-price by customer segmentations.


  • Account management: Order-to-invoice on a single click, send invoice in batches, real-time updates on account receivable and payable.


  • Sales management: sales performance analysis and commission management


MATRICLE offers full coverages of business functions and minimises resources and efforts in switching across different systems for different business needs. It is easy to use and cost efficient.


MATRICLE is a one-stop, All-in-One e-commerce solution that connects suppliers and customers, and renders a holistic business development cycle. It supports business growth and development from the very start.