B2B e-commerce solution


Reach your customers through a dynamic online solution.

Sale order enquiry

Make better decisions when you have a general idea about your trade history. Matricle allows you to check all your sale orders, including an order from the website, phone or email

Know your sales better

Maximise your return on advertisements and marketing channels by tracking sales and orders distributions and trends

Overview of sales and orders

Make evidence-based decisions through overviews of sales and orders: past, present and future. Matricle helps you check all your past and present orders across all channels and is currently building on predictive models to forcast future sales.

Dynamic sales price strategy

Set your sales price strategy by customer segmentation and products.

Set your freight fees based on the volumes and weights of the purchase order.

Invoices and statements with ease

Automatic invoice generation

Matricle can automatically generate the sales invoices and keep records of them. It is easy to check and download once you login.

Check statements at ease

Check your statements by a simple log-in. Matricle restores all your statements with a unique ID for efficient searching and tracking.

All B2B eCommerce Website Features

Customer Registration
Customer Login
Online Browsing
Multi-channel Ordering
VIP Price
Order History
Invoices Searching
Download Orders and Invoices
Statement Reviews