A holistic inventory system


Smart inventory control system that enables you to overview your stocks in real-time.

Real-time stock records

Stock-in and Stock-out

Matricle updates your inventory in real-time following each of your actions. It provides an effective system to monitor and update your stocks.

Low stock notifications

Matricle sends notifications when the stocks are running low based on benchmarks set on your own. It makes your workflow run smoothly.

Know your margins

Monitor your cost

Matricle records every cost of your goods including freight fees, duties of labours etc. so that you can keep your costs at bay.

Adjust sales prices strategically

Matricle provides a side calculator to help you set up sales prices by profit margin for each product. Its pricing system is efficient and flexible.

Combine your products at ease

You can create a product package by combining your products at your own desire. Matricle will further assist you to update the package costs and availability.

Batch import and export

Matricle offers you the batch import and export functions to save your valuable time.

All Invenotry Features

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Custom Category
Custom Property
Add Product
Combine Product
Accessory Product
Edit Product
Product Profit Calculation
Product Multi-Price
Product Cost Tracking
Product Cost Calculation
Product Hit rate
Duplicate Product
Product Pre-sale
Order Search by Product
Product Batch Update
Inverse Search by Product Combination
Product Sorting by Total Sales
Sales Comparison of Products
Sales Trend of a Product