Optimise your purchase orders


Integrated purchase order system to facilitate your profits.

Purchase order with ease

Real-time ordering

Efficient and effective supply chain management to ensure real-time ordering with ease.

PO with assurance

Matricle provides a robust approval process to ensure PO validity and track PO history.

Instant communications

All purchase orders are sent to suppliers via the built-in email function upon approval.

Purchase orders with greater flexibility

Adpative design of purchasing process to allow immediate order receipting.

System-wide updates

Matricle is an integrated system where all linked functions updates immediately upon an action. E.g. Inventory will update accordingly upon receipt of PO.

Streamlined inventory control

One-click PO allows you to update the inventory automatically. It reduces human errors and improve the accuracy of your records.

Accurate account payable

Matricle keeps an accurate and timely record of your accounts to support your account management in real-time.

All Purchasing Features

PO Status Tracking
Product Location Searching
Product Inventory Tracking
Low Inventory Warning
Import Products in Bulk
Import Products via Scanning
Tracking of Inventory Abnormality
Add Suppliers
Search Suppliers
Supplier Authority Setting
Publish and review Product Upload by Supplier
Communicate with Suppliers through Messages
Add New Purchase Order
Review and Approve Purchase Order
Email Purchase Order
PDF Preview
Check Goods
Stock to Inventory
Account Payable Check